Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crepes and Smoked Ham Bento

Here's a bento from a while back, using up some leftovers.
On the left side of the bento are two crepes and a few hidden slices of smoked ham, cut to fit the divider box. The scraps are on top of the crepes as a decoration.
On the right side are some baby carrots, trail mix, and cheesy corn.

This was a very easy lunch to make. Pretty much everything came from leftovers. I only had to assemble and cook the cheesy corn. The crepes were leftovers from breakfast. The recipe is from the big Betty Crocker cookbook.


  1. Look yummy! Like it. ^^

    There is a cute face on the crepe (below slices of smoked ham). Isn't it?

    I'm Hana

  2. Oh! I hadn't noticed that before! It's just from the marks you get while cooking the crepe, nothing intentional. But it sure is cute. :)