Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring-themed Bento

Spring is finally here, and we've actually had some rain! The first big storms of the year, or of the colder half of the year, really, are here! To celebrate the end of the dryness, I made a cutesy little Spring-themed bento.
This bento has a cheddar cheese bunny and a cheddar cheese flower (both hand-cut, no cookie cutter used) on a bed of chopped up naan bread. I also have two meatballs, crinkle cut cucumber slices, a mini orange, carrots and onions Lyonnaise, and some leftover cauliflower (it has a bit of cheese on it).
The naan bread is the same as the naan used as the crust in my pizza a few posts back.
I think I've gotten a bit better at cutting shapes out of cheese. No limbs have fallen off while making this bento! Practice has certainly helped me.


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    1. Thanks! It's actually a little bunny. Guess I need to practice some more on my cheese cutouts :P